We're smart about bridging data and addressing gaps in care.
Personalized care is here!

Retrieve your data!

Retrieve data from the last 16 years.

Access data from siloed medical data. Insights provided to address care gaps. Link to health services such as labs, pharmacy delivery, and supportive care.

≈ 65,000 Healthcare Centers
in the US
≈ 90% EHR Coverage of
Provider Practices
670K Care
≈ 190M Unique
Patient Records
For Patients

We take the hassle out of tedious tasks and help you get more coordinated care.

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For Providers

No more struggling with care gaps. Demystify outside records. No coding/developers needed.

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For Researchers

Medical data that is clinical trial ready. We stay with the patient for the long-run.

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Access Your Medical Records

Get Health Insights,
Get Care Recommendations.

Providers change. People move. With Pluto, health data stays with the patients. Pluto unifies health information in a single place securely.

  • You control your data.
  • For patients, families & care givers.
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Pluto is connected to top EHR systems